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31 October 2008 @ 01:15 am
Title : Fairytale Gone Bad [15]
Summary: All fairytales need an ending, this my end and how to deal with the ending
to the Addison/Derek saga; Sometimes a ending is a beginning
Addison needs Derek a final time, he is finally there.
Pairings: Addison/Derek, Callie/Burke
Previously chapters HERE

A/N: So yeah, I started a new school, my laptop crashed twice.... but there really is no excuse. This is terrible late and I'm trying to get the whole story done by the week but don't expect too much. Anyway we pick up exactly where last chapter ended:

“Addi, did you listen to me at all. I miss you and I want you back” Addison looked into his eyes, letting them explore each other, before taking a deep breath.

He felt Addison’s arms wrap around him, pulling him tighter. Derek wasn’t sure who had been looking for but when he had Addison in his arms he knew. He pulled Addison’s body closer to his, trying to make her disappear, inhaling the scent of her hair.
“I was so scared” Addison whispered in his ear
“I know, I’m sorry” he dropped a feather light kiss on her neck”I love you, I’m sorry” He could feel a tear landing on his shoulder
“Just don’t ever do that again”


- - - - - - - -

Derek looked at Addison, waiting for her to answer. He knew only moments passed but it seemed like forever, so he watched her. The woman he had spent the most of live with, the hair he had watched so many mornings, the body he know every inch of and had explored so many nights, so many mornings and the face that he seen tears and laughs leave, the woman he forgot he loved this much. He finally met Addison eyes after he uttered the question, the question she had been meaning to ask as well, and she looked at him and opened her mouth.
“Okay” Her lips broke out in a smile and she nodded “Okay”
A small laugh escaped his lips and he felt his mouth breaking into a big smile “Okay?”
“Yes” Addison smiled and pulled Derek towards her, after all this time he could finally hold her in his arms for real. After the moments of pure joy passed and they realised they where in Derek’s office and some nurses where looking at them very strangely.
“So what now?”
“I think…. We need to talk” Derek said slowly, he knew that if they wanted them to work they need to talk with each other.
“Yeah, we do but I’m not sure if Callie wants the both of us arguing in her apartment…” Addison looked up at Derek and he gently squeezed her hands.
“What makes you so sure we will argue?”
“Come on Derek, it’s you and me. We fight about trout; of course we will fight when we talk about Mark and Meredith” Addison felt Derek hands making a move to remove them from hers but after a second they relaxed again
“So the trailer then?” Addison rolled her eyes
“I’m never stepping my foot inside that…thing”
“No, Derek I’m not gonna live in the trailer again, why can’t we just get a hotel room?” Derek looked at her, then he slowly nodded reluctantly. Addison was just about to say something when Derek pagers sounded through out the room. He took a quick look at it.
“Sorry, it’s 911… but I’m of at 4, so we’ll meet in the lobby by 4?” Addison nodded and Derek threw her a smile on his way out. Addison let out a sigh and smiled to herself when the office had fallen silent. Then the smile dropped from her face and she slumped down in his chair, looking over his desk where she saw a framed picture of him and Meredith and one of his family. She took up the one of him and Meredith and studied it, they looked happy she thought and until a few days Meredith had thought they were. Taking a quick look around the office she then quickly pulled the photo out from it’s frame and looked at it closer. After looking at it for awhile she spotted that something that was written on the back of the photo “Merry Christmas Derek Love Mere”. Slowly and precise she put the photo in the frame again and put the frame back to its ordinary place on Derek’s desk, before leaning over the trashcan and throwing up.

Addison was silently picking at her salad while she was pretending to listen to what Callie was saying and instead of being in the cafeteria they where seated in Callie’s office having lunch.
“Addison, Addison!” Impatiently Callie whacked at her arm, making Addison look up surprised and slightly pissed at her.
“Oh, what was that for?”
“Since you been sitting her for 20 minutes pretending to listen to what I’m saying I thought I was gone let you know that we can enter Addison-land now” Addison facial expression softened and Callie gave her a smile.
“Sorry Cal, I just have a lot on my mind right now” Addison shook her head, in an attempt to show Callie she was removing all things occupying her mind.
“Like what?” Addison sighed and looked at her friend.
“Like Derek and Derek and Meredith and the fact that I thought I was over and done with this but things never seem to turn out the way you thought” Callie watched with concern as the best friend she ever had in Seattle buried her head in her hands and she didn’t have a clue on what to do. So she waited because she was sure there was more, because with Addison if you opened a door you got the whole buildning.
“I love him- - I just don’t know if we can work through this and he was happy with Meredith, more happy then we ever were in Seattle and she’s gonna be so hurt by us again and I don’t want that, I just want me and Derek for the rest of out lives and…” Addison trailed of, never once lifting her head out of her hands. Callie wasn’t sure when Addison and Derek moved from to giggling in her kitchen to being back together and wasn’t really sure she wanted to know what had happened in between but she knew she wanted her friend to be happy.
“So you’re not even gonna give you and Derek a chance to work through it because you think you’re gonna fail” At hearing Callie’s tone Addison looked up from her hands and was met by a glare. Addison sighed before answering her friend.
“You have been hanging out way too much with Bailey” Callie rolled her eyes
“Says the queen of all snappy remarks and either way it’s your fault for leaving me in this rain hole” Addison started to laugh, a genuine laugh. After waiting for it to die down Addison gave Callie a smile.
“Thanks Callie”
“Any time, anything else you wanna get out before I leave for a hip replacement”
“This is Derek and I love him but it feels like everything is just moving way too easy especially for me and Derek” Addison said as fast as she could, feeling like she was just dishing everything out.
“From what I have heard nothing about Addison and Derek was ever easy so it’s your time to get to the easy part know” Callie gave Addison a small wink before leaving her office and heading to the OR, leaving Addison alone in the office. Quickly she heaved her lunch in Callie’s trash and headed out for the nurses station, she didn’t have a surgery until this afternoon so she could at least do some paper work until then.

After doing a emergency craniotomy Derek was stuck doing some paper work with Bailey and a few other doctors. Even do he didn’t really enjoyed doing paperwork, the smile he had on lips since he had left his office after lunch with Addison wouldn’t go away. Bailey glared at him but he just smiled more at her.
“What you so smile about?” Derek put the pen down and leaned backwards on the chair before looking at Bailey.
“Remember when you told it wasn’t a hard decision” Bailey nodded slowly
“Well it was, it was a hard decision and it was especially painful but I think I made the right choice now”
“And now when the hard part is over you think it will be a walk in the park from now on, you fool” Bailey shook her head before starting to head out of the room.
“Actually I think this is only the beginning and this might have been the easiest part yet”
“Good to know you have some sense under that hair after all” Bailey actually smiled at him before heading out. Even if named hadn’t been mentioned she knew what he was talking about, not that she had expected it. She thought he had made his decision final the day he turned in those divorce papers, deep in her thoughts Miranda almost got run over by Callie. Trying to re gain her balance Callie looked apologetic at her.
“I’m so sorry Dr Bailey, but do you know where Dr Shepherd is?” Miranda dusted of her lab coat before pointing Callie in the direction of the room she just left.
“Thank you” Callie said and hurried of into the room and was relieved to see Derek sitting deep in his post op notes. Callie cleared her throat to get his attention, he looked up at her with a giddy smile on his lips.
“What can I do for you Dr Torres?”
“Talk to Addison” She saw the concern on Derek’s face and quickly added “I think she’s in the NICU’s On-call room … Just go talk to her” Derek just dropped his pen before speeding out of the room. On his way up to the NICU all he could think about what that he couldn’t lose her when they where this close.

Just when Derek laid his hand on the door handle to the On-call room in the NICU he realised that Addison probably hadn’t told Callie that she wanted to talk with him, because that would have been very unlike Addison. Callie was most likely just looking out for her friend, so he opened the door gently and locked it behind him. He stopped for a moment looking at Addison who was half asleep on the bottom bunk. Addison hadn’t really been tired enough to take a power nap but since all kinds of thoughts were occupying her mind she decided she was tired enough. Not being tired enough was the reason to the fact that she was only half asleep and when she heard someone entering the On-call room she turned around to see if it was a intern, so that she could yell on the intern for interrupting a attendings very important sleep in stead she was meet by a couple of blue eyes belonging to a person kneeling down beside the bed she was in.
“Hey” Derek wiped a sling of her hair behind her ear.
“Hey” Addison looked at him for moment waiting on him to say something more. Derek thought how he was going to do this without giving Callie up.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine” Addison said lying through her teethes, Derek looked at her and then just nodded before getting up to an almost standing position making it look like he was leaving. Addison stretched out her hand a bit and opened her mouth as too say something to stop him but then he climbed over her so he was lying with his back to the wall. Addison relaxed when Derek pulled her towards him, then burying his head in the crook of her neck. A few minutes passed and Derek had almost fallen asleep when Addison turned around so she was facing him.
“I was freaking out. Because I love you and I wanna make this work but what if it doesn’t, what if in a few years all we got was even more heartbreak, I can’t take that and you can’t either”
Derek was wide awake and listened to her intently and was waiting for her to continue.
“And then I found this picture of you and Meredith in your office and like yesterday she thought you were happy and all, now we hurt her again and she doesn’t deserve that and all this is moving so fast and so easy and when have anything been easy with us” Addison let out the breath she’s been holding and looked at Derek “please don’t hate me”
“I love you, I don’t hate you and I know it hasn’t seemed like it before but I do love you Addison” Addison darted her eyes downwards
“Hey, Add look at me” Derek tilted her head upwards so she was looking at him” I know it’s not gonna be easy and that it hasn’t been easy before but we’re both trying now and we can make this work okay” Addison blinked away some tears that was forming in her eye before she nodded and let out a small chuckle ”And about Meredith, even if she a little surprised by it and it was recent, it was a mutual decision between us” Derek looked at her and gently brushed his hands against her cheek. Addison looked back at him and let out a long breath before nodding at him.
“I’m not freaking out anymore” Derek smiled at her and gave her quick kiss.
“So we’re still on at 4 today?” Addison smiled and nodded before lying down in the bed again and snuggling as close as she could to Derek. He was just happy she was there and hadn’t changed her mind.

The head nurse Debbie let out a gigantic sigh when she looked at all the charts she had been working with for the last 20 minutes, she was supposed to be of at 4 but all the nurse students had messed up all the charts so she was stuck for at least another 20 minutes. Actually she could had been done 5 minutes ago but then she saw Dr Shepherd walk into the lobby 5 minutes before 4, looking like he was waiting for someone. Since Debbie knew Derek and Meredith no longer where together she couldn’t in the world figure out whom he was waiting for. So she started to stall, because she really didn’t want to leave before she knew who Shepherd was waiting for. A few minutes past and Shepherd started to look more anxious and so did Debbie get, she couldn’t stay here forever waiting, she had an apartment to get home to.
“But for the love of god” Debbie muttered to herself when another five minutes had past, she was just about to pack up her things for the day and head home when she saw a familiar female attending walking towards Shepherd. Debbie stopped in mid-motion when she saw Montgomery walking up and standing closely to Shepherd, and dropped her jaw when she saw Shepherd smile at her and taking her hand in his. She could see they were talking about something but she couldn’t really hear them, but Montgomery was defiantly not giving him a lecture for breaking up with Meredith, but it seemed to be a very private conversation because they were standing and talking so close their faces was almost touching.
“Oh no, they didn’t…” Debbie said in a low whisper, a smirk working its way across her face before she grabbed her things and walked away from the nurses station.

Derek sat down on Addison’s bed while watching Addison throwing down all her stuff in her suitcase, one for her clothes and one for her shoes.
“Why are you throwing down all your clothes in the suitcase like trash, when you snap at me for not folding them after washing them?” Derek looked amused at Addison who turned around and gave him a face, they were back at Callie’s place and packing Addison’s stuff before going to the hotel.
“I operated on tiny babies Derek, I know exactly were my clothes are going and exactly what is going on top of what” Addison put the last skirt in it and closed it with a little effort, then she looked back at Derek and smiled.
“Sorry didn’t mean to snap” Addison picked upped the two suitcases and put them by the door before sitting down at the bed next to Derek. After a moment or two she leaned her head against his shoulder.
“How come you’re the calm and collected one, and not getting nervous at every turn?” Derek looked at Addison, he had guessed it had something to do with her fear of them failing and she was entitled to that but it hurt it a bit that she did seem to have any faith in them even if he knew she did.
“I’m as scared of failing on us again as you are, I mean it when I say I can’t lose you again Addie. We’ve been through a lot and I didn’t make it easier by not being able to make up my mind, hurting both you and Meredith in the process and that we don’t trust each other like we used to I need you to trust us, trust that we can get through this okay ?” Addison nodded and the shifted them around a bit so her head was now resting in his lap and he was leaning against the wall, his had automatically went to her hair which he started to play with absently.
“I told you my fears, tell me yours?” Derek stayed silent for a moment, thinking before uttering himself.
“Honestly, I’m most afraid that you will cheat on me again” He saw Addison wince and tense a bit but he continued ”that you’ll find someone that will make you more happy then me. I’m also afraid, like you, that we won’t get succeed, that there is just too much stuff between us” Derek trailed of, the last sentence hanging in the air a little longer then it should.
“Thank you” Addison smiled at him and grabbed his hand and kind of hugged it to her body, because from that position it was the only way to get him closer to her. Hearing that he was afraid that she would cheat on him again hurt but Addison need to know that Derek was afraid that they might fail as well, that it wasn’t just her. They stayed in that position for awhile, talking mostly but also just enjoying the company of the other. Derek had twisted his fingers through Addison’s hair so many times that it was starting to frizz at some places.
“I see suitcases” The comment came from Callie that was standing in the doorway. Addison sat up with much effort and smiled at Callie.
“Yes, I’m leaving for a hotel… with Derek”
“So you’re not coming back?” Addison looked back briefly at Derek and smiled.
“No I’m not… you and Burke can have your guest room back now“ Callie laughed and Addison and Derek stood up, Derek taking Addison’s suitcases on the way out. Addison took a last look at the room before leaving it and Derek followed her, with a huff and muttering something how the suitcase could weigh so much, but before he could leave the room Callie grabbed his shoulder gently and looked at him.
“Don’t screw her over again, ‘Kay” Derek looked at Callie, seeing the concern for her friend in her eyes, he smiled at her and shook his head.
“I won’t Dr Torres”
“Your dating my friend, it’s Callie”
“Derek” He smiled again and then hurried away to catch up with Addison.

They had planned on talk and try to decide something tonight but when the arrived at the hotel Derek was ready to fall asleep any minute and Addison was almost as tired. Now Addison stepped out of their bathroom and practically fell into the bed, Derek was laying on the other side of the bed only half awake.
“When do you have to be at the hospital tomorrow ?” Addison swung her legs into the bed tried to lay down comfortably.
“Around 9 ” Derek pulled Addison towards him, so she was resting at his chest.
“Yeah me too” Addison turned around so they were laying chest against chest and Derek automatically pulled her closer and buried his head in the crock of the neck.

A/N: Next chapter is pretty much a filler but will take place around 4 months after this.

Amanda: addek b & wcrazychica802 on October 31st, 2008 11:05 am (UTC)
Aw yay I am glad you updated. I really did need some Addek in my life again :)
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I'm just glad someone still reads it...
Yeah we all need a little more Addek in our live...even if tehy struggle sometimes...

Hope your okay in Barbados &hearts

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