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25 November 2007 @ 02:31 pm
Fairytale Gone Bad 1  

Title:Fairytale gone bad 1
Summary: All fairytales need an ending, this my end and how to deal with the ending
to the Addison/Derek saga;Addison needs Derek a final time, he is finally there.
Pairings: Addison/Derek-ish , Mer/Der more pairings to come as it goes AU
Previously chapters


Savy looked worried at the red-head lying on the floor in a pile, she took a deep breath as she dialled, not sure it was the right decision to make. As the screen showed “Derek” she waited for someone to pick up.


“Hi, It’s Meredith, Derek is in surgery right now, can I take a message”

“Hi, I’m Savy, from New York, I need to get a hold of Derek right now.”

“But he is in surgery” Meredith wasn’t sure who this women was, when she felt two arms loop around her and kiss her neck, she looked up and smiled at Derek

“He just got here, If you want to talk to him” Meredith handed Derek the phone and watched as Derek’s face fell, She tried to not eavesdrop but she heard something about Derek was needed in New York.

“I have to go to New York Mere” Derek looked sad at Meredith, but she sensed it wasn’t about that he had to leave

“Why?” Derek thought about what he was going to say, he could at least be honest

“It’s Addison…She went to NY to fix up a few things and there are a few things I need to clear up as well”

“You’re divorced, there shouldn’t be anything you should have to deal with about her” Meredith didn’t feel comfortable about Derek going to NY because of his ex-wife

“We were married for a long time, stuff happened and things that we just can’t ignore because we aren’t married any longer, you don’t to that to the people you considered family” Derek gave Meredith a weak smile trying to reassure her that they was going to be fine. Meredith wants to be the good girlfriend and be interested in her boyfriend’s life even if it was the past.

“What happened?” Derek wanted to tell her to let her be apart of his life but he couldn’t

“I can’t tell, That’s up to Addison if she wants to tell people” Derek clenched is jaw, Meredith nodded slowly but trying to figure out what happened.


Addison didn’t know how long she had been laying there, it hurt when she moved, just trying too wiping away some of the tears that were streaming down her face hurt so bad. It felt like she could just lay like this forever and the world around was just a blurry dark pit hole, she didn’t want to go back to all the happy people she didn’t belong there. In the distant she heard Savy sigh in relief, Savy had stopped trying hours ago because every time she tried to comfort the redhead, Addison cried franticly and screamed at her but Savy didn’t leave her. Suddenly Addison felt two arms loop around her waist and pull her into a firm embrace, Addison stiffened up as she waited for the wave of pain to come over her but it didn’t. She turned around to see who the person was.

“You hate me” She got out between sobs, Derek pulled Addison deeper in his arms and laid them both on the couch, Addison on top.

“I don’t hate you Addie” He wiped away some of the tears that was still streaming down her cheeks.

“It shouldn’t hurt like this, not anymore but it does, It hurts so much Derek, I didn’t want this” Addison’s body started to shake and she hyperventilated, Derek tried to rub her back but it didn’t help as she started to gasp for air.

“Addie, you need to focus on your breathing, In and out”

“I can’t… hurts” Addison got out, Derek felt helpless, he didn’t know what to do.

“Addie” He tilted her head so she was looking at him ”I know it hurts, I can’t even imagine how it feels for you when I know this hurt me so I know it hurts but It wasn’t your fault Addie, It wasn’t” Addison’s breathing slowly started to go back to normal as Derek comforted her. She looked up teary eyed and with tragedy flooding though them

“But it was, If it hadn’t happened, we still would be happy and together” He realised that even though he had taken part in the blame of their marriage ending she still took it on her self but he also realised that if Lily would have been alive, they would have been in New York and would been happy, they would never stopped being AddisonandDerek.

“Don’t think about all the ‘what ifs , It wasn’t your fault Addie, It was a terrible thing that happened that no one should have to deal with but it wasn’t your fault” Addison’s tears were slowing down as Derek rocked her and whispered soothing words in her ears. Lily’s death was something they experienced together and something they needed to grief together, he couldn’t leave her to deal with all the feelings about this as he was happy with the women he left her for. They slowly drifted of to sleep in each others arms.


"I cant do this Derek I can’t" Addison got through between her sobs ,Derek was sitting behind her propping her up  and holding her hand and his hand going over her hair

"Come on Addie, I know it’s hard but you can do it, push Addie" Addison cried out loud when she pushed, Derek tried everything to comfort her from his position.

"Just one more push Honey" Dr. Brown got the baby out , and instead of the baby screaming there was silence beside Addison cries, Derek felt Addison go limp and fall back against his chest, Derek had slow tears going down his cheeks but tried to hold them back because even if this broke his heart he couldn’t even imaging what Addison was feeling.

"I know it's hard Honey, but you did good Addie" Dr. Brown put the cold baby in Addison arms, tears still falling.

"Lily Katharine Montgomery Shepherd" Derek got to hold his daughter after Addison, Dr. Brown left them alone. Derek pressed his lips against Addison’s head as he handed over their daughter to Addison again

“I’ll be here honey, I’m going to be here always, It’s seems like the world is ending right now but we will get through this, I’m gone be by your side all the time Addie, I love you ”This made Addison start to cry franticly, clutching the lifeless baby to her chest.

“It’s not fair”

“I know, Addie I know” Derek slowly rocked Addison.