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09 December 2007 @ 02:35 pm
Fairytale Gone Bad 2  

Title:Fairytale gone bad 2
Summary: All fairytales need an ending, this my end and how to deal with the ending
to the Addison/Derek saga;Addison needs Derek a final time, he is finally there.
Pairings: Addison/Derek-ish , Mer/Der more pairings to come as it goes AU
Previously chapters HERE


As Addison slowly started to wake up, the memories of last night came flooding back to her but Derek had made wonders. She still had that constant pain but it was not nearly as bad as last night, she had a few bad weeks when the pain was always around but usually it didn’t hurt as much. Derek had been right but wrong, they didn’t get through this but she had. Addison carefully crawled out of Derek’s arms trying not to wake him, she got cold shivers through her body as she sat her feet on the cold floor. She pulled the fabric of the flannel shirt she was wearing closer to her body when she walked up to the window. Even though the situation she was in, a huge smile appeared on her face as she watched the snow fall. It was only one and a half weeks to Christmas and Instead of spending it all alone she was going to get to spend it with her friends in New York. That’s why she went back there in the first place not to have some nervous breakdown.


Derek watched Addison carefully as she stood by the window, looking on the snow falling, her red hair in the natural curls that she got when she didn’t fix her hair and the flannel shirt she was wearing ended in the right place making her legs look like they would never end. He loved it when she wore her high heels and skirts but seeing her like that was even hotter, he felt a bit guilty when he thought about Meredith, but states that he is merely making an observation. He started to walk up to Addison and looped his arms around her waist because it just came naturally, at the contact Addison pulled in a sudden breath.

“You scared me” Addison waited for him to remove his hand but they stayed around her waist.

“You feel alright?” Derek asked with concern in his voice

“Better then I thought actually, but there’s still this constant pain that comes after this, but it’s not so much I’ll be fine” Addison leaned backwards, expecting Derek to pull away or tense up but he just held her tighter

“You had these attacks before? I didn’t know.”

“Only after you left New York, then I had a couple and some in Seattle too” Addison wished he would stop talking about it, it wasn’t something she wanted him to know, it would only make him feel guilty that he wasn’t there.


“Not as bad as this one and never really panic attacks, but when Mark showed up and after prom” Addison tried to wriggle herself out of Derek’s grip and when she turned around she saw guilty all across his face.

“It’s not your fault Derek, I should have learnt to deal with it” She tried to walk to the kitchen but Derek grabbed hold of her wrist

“I wasn’t there, I promised you I always would but I wasn’t”


“I wasn’t there, Mark was…did he comfort you when I was gone?” Addison looked him in the eyes

“That wasn’t why I slept with him and I really don’t want to talk about it now” She tried to walk off again but Derek wouldn’t let go of her wrist, he didn’t seem aggressive more like defeated.

Addison... I need to know, did Mark comfort you when I was in Seattle?”

“He tried but he couldn’t… So he just held me and waited for it to pass” Derek finally let go of Addison, feeling like he just won but it soon was replaced by something else. If Mark had been able to comfort Addison that would have been better for her, instead she was across the country from the only person able to comfort her.


Addison stood arms crossed over her chest waiting for the milk to warm up, when Derek walked in and sat down in one of the chairs.

“I’m not talking about it anymore today, I didn’t come to New York for that, I wanted to spend the holidays with people that love me and care for me” Addison kept her eyes on the milk

“I didn’t ask you too, I just wanted some Juju and didn’t want the stuff that you do in New York around Christmas by myself.” Addison swirled around and studied him for awhile, when she saw the smile on his lips, her lips also turned into one. Addison got on her toes and stretched for an extra coup.

“What do you want to do then?” She poured the steaming milk into the two cups and sat down in front of Derek

“What we usually do, take a walk around the Park and then go ice skating” Derek gently sipped on his hot coco but pulled back and made face as the fluid hit his lips

“Ouch, I forget that you always make it too hot so you can warm your hands” Addison giggled at Derek

“I do, but sure we can do that today but shouldn’t you go back to Seattle” Addison didn’t want to be the person holding him away from Meredith, she was to much of a bad guy in Seattle already.

“I’m needed more here”

“But Meredith is your girlfriend; I’m just the adulterous ex-wife”

“You’re Addison, I promised you I’d be here for you and I want to be here and I haven’t spent Christmas in New York for ages

“Fine” Addison frowned a bit but then smiled.


Addison hadn’t felt this relaxed in years; it was something about walking in Central Park

“You want to move back here” Derek said

“What makes you think that?” 

“It’s just something about your body, you seemed more at ease here in the middle of the park then you ever did in Seattle

“Seattle was never really home” Addison bent over and pulled together a pile of snow and made a snow ball with it, When Derek noticed what she was doing, he took some snow of his own and sneaked up behind Addison and threw it in her face.

“Oh god Derek” Addison shrieked and pulled around so she was facing him and threw the ball of snow right in his face, when he got all of  the snow out of his face he made a face that made Addison double over in laughter. When Addison relaxed to try to catch her breath Derek saw his chance and a big pile of snow behind them, he looped his arms around her waist and pushed forward making them both land in the big pile of snow behind them. After the first shock about somehow ending up in big pile of snow Addison burst out in laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing can we just take a walk now?” Derek nodded and let a hand out to help Addison up, she took it. They walked talking about stuff they used to talk about and Derek held his promise that he wouldn’t bring up about Addison’s panic attacks. When they had reached the ice rink that they used to skate in, Derek held his arms around Addison’s shoulders, they stood for awhile watching the happy families skating around the ice, kids looking like Bambi not sure where they had there leg  and couples in love skating holding hands and occasionally kissing.

“That could have been us” Addison said with a sigh “Sometimes I think it’s such a waste throwing away all that history” Derek gave Addison’s shoulder a squeeze and then looked at her.

“Come on Addison, let’s skate, just pretend nothing of it happened, not Mark, not Seattle and Lily is perfect, ”

Derek took Addison hand’s and dragged her with him to rent skates.

Derek had a firm grip around Addison’s waist as he pushed her before him as they skated around the rink, he then pulled her into a hug which she relaxed into and smiled, she was a great actress.


An old couple was watching their grandchildren skate while their parents went gift shopping.

“Don’t they look like a happy couple” Mary pointed to two people circling round the rink


“That gorgeous redhead, wonder if it’s natural, and that tall handsome dark haired man” Mary pointed again at them

“Yeah they do, it’s like nothing else exist besides them” They both smiled

“Grandma! Are you watching?”