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24 April 2008 @ 09:22 pm
Fairytale Gone bad [13]  
Title:Fairytale gone bad 13
Summary: All fairytales need an ending, this my end and how to deal with the ending
to the Addison/Derek saga; Sometimes a ending is a beginning
Addison needs Derek a final time, he is finally there.
Pairings: Addison/Derek, Mer/Der-ish, Callie/Burke
Previously chapters HERE

 A/N: So hey I'm back, seems I can only write when I have exams and turn ins which I had last week wehn I wrote most of this. Thank you Kendel for your help even if I cut most of that scene away. So read it and then comment which will make me a happy girl and it might slighty improve this bad week. Ohh Also alternate chapter name for this was : You're coming home.  ♥

They both looked up as they heard noises coming from the kitchen, Callie swung her legs out of her bed and pulling Burke with her.

“Who is in the kitchen?” Burke asked Callie as they made the way to her doorway, looking into the kitchen

Addison is here, but it’s a male voice too”  Callie stuck her head out of the door, Burke standing above her his chest against her back. They watched the couple with surprise on their faces.


“Oh my god, you’re a disaster Addie” Derek had his arms around her waist, leaning his head against her shoulders, while she was trying to make pancakes.

“I’m sure we’ll  have at least one good pancake” She looked down in the pan, before throwing the mess in the trashcan, Derek chuckled at her before lightly kissing her neck.

“They are burned but the top is still fluid” Derek laughed at her; they carried on for awhile longer until they where done with the pancakes, one pancake looked eatable. Addison sighed as she looked at the pancake, she turned around facing Derek, he kissed her on the forehead.

“I’m sure she’ll like it” Addison tugged on the bottom of the shirt she was wearing while looking at Derek, before nodding at him and a smile creeping onto her lips.

“I should get going; my shift at the hospital starts in 30 minutes” Addison opened her moth to speak

“We’ll talk about it tonight, I swear”

“That was what I was going to say but I’m going out with Callie tonight, so maybe tomorrow” he pulled her into a hug before leaving, giving her a quick peck on the lips before going out the door. Addison stood at the oven watching the door, before letting out a sigh. She poked the pancake with the spatula judging it to be okay.


Callie looked back at Burke, confusion evident on her face and his expression matched hers, Burke kissed her neck before going out in the kitchen where Addison was standing.

“Good morning Addison” Addison whipped around, almost scared but looked relieved when she saw it was Burke

“Oh I didn’t know you where here Preston, I’m guessing Callie is up too” Burke thought about asking her why Derek had been here so early in the morning, because he was sure he had seen some men’s shoes in the hallway when he had gotten in this morning, but since he knew he probably wouldn’t get a straight answer from Addison he didn’t ask her.

“Yeah she should come in too soon“ Burke smiled at her, Addison nodded before looking down at her lonely pancake

“I made her breakfast, but I messed it up ” Burke smiled reassuring at, he had already celebrate Callie’s birthday with her, Callie and Addison probably needed some girl time, especially so Callie could find out what Derek had been doing in her kitchen so he started walking towards the front door.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah, my shift starts in 30 minutes” Addison nodded and waved at him before she went back to preparing Callie’s breakfast. After decorating a plate with some fruits the pancake looked really delicious, she also had put out coffee.


“Happy Birthday” Addison handed Callie a green package before dragging her out to the kitchen and setting in front of her breakfast. Callie put the package to the side of the food before digging in, Addison sat down in front of her.

“Oh, you made me breakfast, thank you Addison” Callie smiled delightful at her, Addison laughed a little

“Oh don’t thank me yet, so I met Preston here when I was preparing it, some birthday celebration?” Addison grinned at her, her tone slightly mocking

“Well, it is my birthday” Callie also considered asking about Derek, but decided to do it later, because whatever reason he had come here for was probably something pretty bad since Addison had looked awful last night and they did after all sleep in the same bed. The pancake tasted surprisingly good for being a making of Addison, they talked for about half an hour before Addison snuck out to her room and came back with a middle sized violet package.

“Happy Birthday Cal” Addison laughed as Callie threw herself at the package like a 5 year old, when she pulled out the present a huge smile formed on her lips.

“Thank you Addison, these are gorgeous” Callie hugged Addison, after pulling back she looked at the Prada shoes with admiration, Callie had been looking all over Seattle for this pair but hadn’t found them anywhere. Addison looked back at Callie with a smile; she was glad that she could at least make her friend happy. They finished the rest of the breakfast and Callie update Addison up on some SGH gossip before Addison was cleaning up the breakfast. She leaned back in the chair while watching Addison throwing away the messed up pancakes.

“So- Why- was Derek here last night? ” Addison froze and dropped the plat she was holding in her hand, it making a big nose when it hit the water. Addison debated the idea of telling Callie some lie for a few minutes before setting down the dish brush and taking a deep breath.

“Last night - - was the day that was supposed to be our daughters 3rd birthday, I deli-” Addison choked back some tears and tried to take a deep breath”She was - - still born as a result of a fall” Callie hugged Addison, feeling her shoulder getting wet from Addison tears.

“You want me to call Derek?”

“No” Addison almost whispered, she pulled away from Callie and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. Sitting down again trying to regain her composure again, she felt the pain and the weight on her chest fading away. Callie sat down beside her, she looked worried at her friend but at the same time she was confused on how to respond, she wanted to help Addison but didn’t know what to do. Derek had made look so easy and had calmed Addison pretty fast, they even slept in the same bed and kissed each other even though he was supposed to be with Meredith.

“You want to talk about it or about something else?” Addison just shock her head and looked out the window, zoning Callie out while trying to keep the thoughts of Lily out of her head.


Sitting squeezed in between Alex and Cristina wasn’t the nicest way to do charts but her she was anyway. She hadn’t heard from Derek since yesterday even if she was pretty sure he had spent it with Addison, it would had been nice of him to call. Since Derek had been back from New York, it was like their relationship had gotten into a dead end, she was the one with all the issues then why was it her that busted her ass of to get Derek to open up to her. Cristina nudges her side as Derek got in their view, talking to Preston.


Meredith seemed pretty happy with her friends, even if they where all the five of them sitting on one small gurney. She looked focused as she scribbled in something in the chart she was holding, he feels his stomach turn, he decides to blame it on that he didn’t eat any breakfast today. He takes a deep breath before taking the ten hesitant steps towards Meredith, standing so far away she can’t really touch him.

“Hey” she looks surprised at him, she didn’t expect him to come and talk to her

“Hey, You wanna have lunch in my office today?” Meredith nods excited at him before he walks away towards his office. Well inside of the safety that these walls provide him he exhales. It might hurt but it’s the right thing to do, he might love Meredith in a way but it’s Addison he wants to spend his life with. He rather face tragedies and happiness with Addison then a lifetime of happiness with Meredith.


Addison tapped her heel at the stirrups, while fiddling with her husband’s hand in her left hand. Derek strokes her hair making her look at him.

“Addie, calm down”

“I can’t be pregnant right, my uterus is just messing around with me” Addison tried hard to convince herself of her own story

“I know it might be a surprise but we can handle a baby Addie” Derek squeezed her hand and Addison let out a audible sigh. Derek had found his wife almost in tears in the bathroom last night and the instant worry of something being wrong disappeared in an instant when she told him she was 2 weeks late. Addison hadn’t fallen asleep until the middle of the night after an hour of Derek stroking her back and whispering soothing words in her ear. Both of their heads shoot up when Addison’s doctor stepped in. Dr. Brown sat down and Addison explained she didn’t want to do a home pregnancy test and that she was 2 weeks late and she missed a pill after being at the hospital for 37 hours. Claire put some of that cold gel on her stomach before doing an ultrasound, the image popped up on the screen and Claire opened her mouth to speak but Addison beat her to it

“4 weeks, I’m 4 weeks pregnant” Claire nodded and started to print the image out while Addison stared in a haze at the image. Her hand graced her stomach slightly and she looked back at the screen. They we’re ready after all.


Meredith isn’t sure she should be happy that Derek asked her to lunch or not, things between them had been of lately. All those nights she laid awake dreaming about how it would be if she and Derek got together again seemed so tempting right now because the reality was far from those dreams. She had expected everything to work out if they just were together but things like that doesn’t happened in her life does it. Then he went to New York to settle things and came home with a stillborn baby, not only did they have half of lifetime together, they had a dead child to tie them together too. After that he had been acting weird making her wonder if he had regretted his choice or if some thing happened in New York. Derek wouldn’t do that to her she was sure but she also knew Derek had a baby 3 years ago and if that baby hadn’t died Derek wouldn’t be here. If he was ready to have a baby then, he probably was ready to have a baby now and the thought made her heart race and the urge to hide somewhere big. She wanted to complete her resident and be a extra ordinary surgeon not spend 9 months as a beached whale and picking names, she wanted to be beached whale later but not right now. Remembering yesterday she wondered how Addison was doing, she had after all seemed pretty upset after they scrubbed out and she guessed she had spent the evening with Derek even after the fight they had yesterday. She didn’t like it but she guessed she had to accept that Addison was in fact a part of Derek life even if she didn’t like it a bit.


Callie had given up after a half hour to talk about something else then Lily, so after some coaxing Addison told her some more about it. The tears hade been constant in Addison’s eyes while telling Callie about how happy they where and how everything disappeared afterwards and then how everything played out in New York. Even if Callie knew Addison hadn’t told her everything she was glad that she had confident in her, she had even let a few tears of her own slip while comforting Addison. After both taking a shower and getting ready and 10 minutes of insisting from Addison’s side,  they where now at Victoria Secret’s in downtown Seattle. Callie had already bought a lot of lingerie but where right now deciding if she was going to buy that ecological bra or not. After another 10 minutes it turned out to be a not.

“So where at now, or should we head back?” Callie looked over Addison, who only had on paper bag from VS

“We only just got here and if I wasn’t in the mood to go with you I wouldn’t gone with you, okay?”  Addison smiled a small smile at her friend, she appreciated that Callie cared but at the same time she was still able to handle herself.

“I wanna take a look at a dress I saw at Prada” Callie pointed in the direction of the store

“Oh right I forgot you’re also a trust fund baby” Addison followed Callie’s lead into the store, she’s wasn’t going to say no to some Prada. Callie found except the Bordeaux coloured dress a few other garments, when Addison was done and had decided for a light blue blouse Callie was only a quarter through her pile of clothes. Dropping down at the bench outside the dressing rooms after paying for her blouse Callie was now halfway through the clothes. A few meters away from her a man with his baby was sitting, the man brought the baby closer to his chest and cuddle with it.

“Who are the greatest guy in the world?” the baby gurgled”You are, Yes you are” Addison smiled at the scene playing out in front of her.


Addison tried to open the door to the trailer carefully, Derek was probably asleep. To her surprise he was laying under a blanket reading a book, when he noticed her he lay the book aside and looked up at her. Addison let out a long sigh and let her shoulders fall.

“She hates me” She stepped out of her shoes and hang her coat over the couch

“I’m sure she doesn’t, you remember how you were towards Richard” She unbuttoned her cardigan she had been wearing over her blouse and was just about to take the blouse of too.

“Hey, come here” Derek patted on the spot next to him; Addison hesitated for a moment then dropped her hands and walked over to the bed. Derek pulled her closer to him and she pulled the blanked over her and rested her head against Derek’s chest. He pressed a soft kiss to her temple and at the same time inhaling the scent of Addison mixed with the hospital smell.

“I’m sure she will come around soon”

“I guess, it was just a bad day. I feel so sad for Dorie, one moment have her daughter and the next she’s gone” A silence followed her words and Addison let out a tear when Derek brought her even closer to him and stroke her hair.

“You ever think about her?” Derek whispered in her ear, making her shiver


“Me too” Addison felt one of Derek’s tears hit her hair; she buried her face even deeper into his chest.

We’ll have another chance, I’m sure we will” Addison nodded into his chest and relaxed and a feeling of wanting nothing more then this washed over them.


That could so easily been her and Derek, Derek’s words flashed through her head”I miss her and I miss you and I miss our family” She missed him too and she missed their family so badly but could they really get back to that point. They both had hurt each other so much but the question wasn’t if they wanted to anymore it was if they really could to do it. Could they rebuild there relationship without destroy themselves on the way. Addison let out a sigh and rubbed her temples.


Derek leaned back in his chair waiting for Meredith’s arrival; he heard his office door squeak and Meredith took a hesitant step inwards. As she saw Derek a small smile crept onto her lips.

“Hey” she said in a soft voice before sitting down before him

“Got any good surgery?” He couldn’t come up with any other things to say without sounding like a complete fool. Meredith nodded before digging in on her lunch, they chatted around for awhile laughing a little. Derek wanted to say what he intended to say by bringing her here.

“This is not working, we’re supposed to be the couple but here I am trying to come up with things to say so it won’t be awkward. I thought that as soon we got together everything would resolve it self. It doesn’t. It’s not that I doesn’t love you, I do. You saved my life and took the pain away but …”

“But you want more. You just don’t wanna live. You wanna feel everything, all the highs and all the sorrows; you can’t feel that if you’re numb” Meredith felt tears starting to form in her eyes, why couldn’t she be enough for him. She wanna tell him that she isn’t ready but she will be someday but if he wants to he could as well take all the blame.

“We’re not working, some people just don’t and there is too much working against us but I really believe that you are the one for me Derek” She blinked away a few tears, why in hell couldn’t she get something the easy way for once a time. Taking a few steps towards him she kissed him for the last time for now, he tasted sweet and something she would tag as expensive. After leaving a shocked Derek behind her she left his office for nearest locked supply closet. A wave of guilt hit him urging him to run after her and comfort her but he stays because the image of the family he can have again ways so much more then the guilt.


“Come on Addison it’s my birthday, one more please?” Addison laughed before ordering another drink from Joe. Addison swept half of the clear liquid before sitting down between Callie again.

“You drunk yet Addison?”

“Not yet but I’ll probably will be if we keep this up” Addison drank the rest of the liquor in one sweep. After a number of drinks later both where not in their clearest mind.

“So Cal, you never told me how you and Burke got together, last time I was in Seattle he was living happy with Cristina. As happy as you can get with Cristina”

“I was all moppy over George which by the way is kinda a jerk… anyway he had just broken up with Cristina I think and he was mopping with me. Oh there was defiantly alcohol involved because we came up with the idea to gift wrap a scalpel and give to Cristina and then we got locked inside a supply closet. Seattle Grace has many sneaky ways to get into it.”

“We wrapped Mark up one time when we where doing our resident, Me and Derek got banned from surgery for a week while Mark got pity surgery. Jerk”

“Mark or your resident?”

“Both” Addison said shortly, not that Mark was a jerk but because he used to be a jerk then. As she made her way back to the bar to get her and Callie more drinks, she was surprised to not find any of the interns there. Derek probably was at home with Meredith doing something domestic as cleaning out the fridge, at the thought of it and the memory of Derek’s hushed words to her last night she downed her drink and ordered another one before getting back to Callie.

“Here you go birthday girl”


Three hours later and way too many drinks later both she and Callie were safely inside of Callie’s apartment, Burke acting as driver. She had no idea where Callie was, she had a vague idea of Callie being in the bathroom but she wasn’t sure. Dumping her heels at nearest spot she cursed Callie for dragging her up on that table a few minutes before Joe called Burke. Not bothering to take anything of then her coat she stumbled into bed. After tossing and turning for about half an hour she got up, stripping out of her skirt before getting back into bed. Pulling a pillow towards her and inhaling a last scent of Derek that was still left in the fabric, making sleep surrounding her.


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Awww, Derek helped her sleep.... kinda
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